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Current Burn Rate: $100 + Per  Hour 
Every Day

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After the past two months we have collectively decided to launch a project, the right way. We are tired of Devs launching with no plan, no vision, no dox, and no time to run a project legitimately.  


Coach K and InfamousKrypto1 are excited to announce the launch of ReTweelon!  


The bullish idea that has every chance to hit 100m!


Every single token in our burn wallet, will have actually been bought & then burned! 


Original Tweet -

5% Marketing Wallet Buyback Burn

Retweet -

2.5% Marketing Wallet Buy Back and Burn

Comment/Reply -

1% Marketing Wallet Buy Back and Burn


What does this mean?


At the time of the Twitter activity, we will take the corresponding percentage of whatever amount of money is in our marketing wallet, buyback ReTweelon and burn them forever.


We aren't in the business of having one preloaded wallet "burning" tokens that have no price impact.  Each and every one of our burns will be from tokens that were actually purchased; pumping the chart while reducing supply.  Buyback and burns, done the right way!


Gone are the fears of seeing that "massive" preloaded wallet and wondering "what will the dev do with that?"


Its no secret that InfamousKyrpto and Coach K were supporters of Tweelon.  We believed in the concept, and think that concept could live on; but it will require some changes.


 • The burns must be in the buyback form.  Burning tokens from a preloaded wallet does nothing for the chart and has zero price impact.  Each of our burns will be of tokens that were actually purchased.


 • An active developer.  Nothing is worse than Elon making a tweet and no burn happening.  While our buy back and burns will be manual, one of our devs, along with our team members will have Elon's Twitter account monitored 24/7.  Ensuring a quick turn around from tweet to burn.  If by chance both of us are asleep, when we awake one "catch up" buyback and burn will commence immediately.



5% Marketing

4% Liquidity

Buy Tax 9% Sell Tax 12%



Phase 1

  • Team creation ✓

  • Telegram & Socials ✓

  • Stealth launch ✓

  • Website development v1 ✓

  • Callers / YT partnerships ✓

  • White paper v1 

  • CMC / CG Listing 

Phase 2

  • Community Contests & Giveaways 

  • Website v2

  • Build Social Networks Followers

  • 5000 TG Members

  • NFT Creation

  • Project Ambassador partnership

  • Merch Development 

Phase 3

  • Smart contract Audit

  • Project Partnerships

  • 1st CEX Listing

  • Billboards / Hulu ads

  • NFT Launch

  • Community utility Creation

  • BlockChain Expo

  • Whitepaper v2

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